Please be patient with us as we work on improving our systems to provide you with the best possible service.  If you are in our loyalty system, an ID will not be required.  The loyalty member must be the one to receive the order as per the date of birth recorded in the loyalty program.  If you are not in our system, we will require an ID to be shown against a window.  You must be 21 or older to place an order for pickup or delivery to 02806, 02885, 02809.   Pickers and drivers are instructed to keep good social distancing and will use safety precautions for their own health.   Curbside pickup, as we figure out how to recognize customers by make/models, please be cool or call the shop at 4012452100 to let us know you have arrived.    Case Discounts are not available at this time so in lieu the system will recognize twelve bottles in your cart and zero-dollar one bottle.  Reward Points will be added to your purchase.  We are working on the logistics on how to redeem them at check out.  Stay tuned.  If we miss a detail, we apologize in advance.  Please provide your feedback to help us improve your experience.  No returns or Exchanges.  No Cash.  No reusable 6 bottle canvas bags.