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Unbelievable quality for the price. Outscored Delamain Pale and Dry, Martell Cordon Bleu, and four other noted cognacs in expert blind tastings (1989). The blend is very rich, with 10-year-old Colombard, some Riesling, and a touch of Zinfandel. There is a Read more
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Hubert Germain-Robin was the first distiller to use wines from world-class varietal grapes. He created one of the world’s greatest spirits. When the family cognac firm Jules Robin (1782) was bought by giant Martell, Hubert looked for a way to go back to the hand methods that had made cognac great. Following a chance 1981 meeting, Hubert took an antique still from an abandoned distillery near Cognac and brought it to Ansley Coale’s Mendocino County ranch, where the two men built a modest distillery.

Hubert’s first brandies outscored famous cognacs in blind tastings. By the late 1990s, when Hubert’s cellar had matured, his brandies began to be reviewed as among the world’s finest spirits: elegant, complex, and rich.