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This Grande Champagne, older than the Pale & Dry X.O,has been crafted in a different, more classic style, with a more pronounced amber colour, with bright flashes of pure gold.The initial oaky bouquet gives way to aromas of mushrooms, dry vine shoots and Read more
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Vesper X.O. PERFECT FOR: The classicist dad.

Most of us have certain preconceptions of what cognac should taste like; oaky, dry, with a certain… gravitas to it. And while it’s great to defy expectations, it’s also great to deliver what’s expected and do it well. Vesper, with its substantial mouthfeel, strong woody presence and lingering, caramel finish, delivers the goods, satisfying that cognac jones the way Led Zeppelin satisfies your classic rock jones or Hemingway satisfies your literature jones. If your dad worked a job he didn’t love in order to put you through college without your acquiring a bundle of student debt because, dammit, that’s what men are supposed to do, this is the cognac for him.

The Huffington Post June 2014